Bringing your lost memories home

 Green Island

Gold and Silver Wedding rings, Engagement rings, Pendants, Watches, Necklaces and Earrings all found underwater off Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef

Michaelmas Cay

Photo bombed

Fitzroy Island

Cairns Jewellery Recovery
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Part of a lost gold earring

Lost Tiffany and co

Welcome to the Octopuses  Garden

Search Vessel

Lost Gold and Diamonds

Lost Cartier

Cooktown at sunset

 looking back at Cairns

Lost Gold Rings

Lost at sea

Underwater at Michaelmas cay

All recovery searches are dependent on weather and accessibility. 

First light at Michaelmas Cay

Little Black Marlin

Hunting lost treasure

most lost items ARE found in the first two hours of starting the search

Lost Treasures

Lost that wedding ring or treasured family heirloom at sea or on land?

Then contact Phill at Cairns Jewellery Recovery.

Over 20 years diving experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

We have the latest in:

→ Underwater and land metal detectors.

→ Underwater scooters.

→ Hookah Dive compressors meaning increased search time and

     mobility in lakes, rivers and on the Great Barrier Reef.

→ Watercraft and 4wd vehicles to get us to most popular locations.

Vlasoff Cay off Cairns